Visualisation without computers

Lego cartograms show immigration and migration

Static Visualizations : Infographic or Visual Information Design

Infographics are static visualizations.

Edu Use:

Data Visualization

Example: stats R gallery


Design Techniques:

Information Visualization

When static, infographics (see above).

Visual Complexity

The Facts and Figures of 2010 in 30 Amazing Infographics

Apps (web or desktop)

Collecting and Storing Data

Standard: s00103 Use data entry skills to input data

For teachers to start their own visualisation. Google recently added a new project to its lab. DataWiki. You can create datasets easily and a basic search interface will be automatically created to let you interact with data. datawiki

manyeyes is a community portal that let you upload dataset and apply visualisation to them.

Images +Text, beginners

Any office software like Powerpoint / Present that let you import images and shapes.

Images +Text, advanced


Data Graphs

Create Graphs Online with Google Chart Maker, with a link to ChartMaker

A few web apps or community website have started to appear that let you upload your dataset and visualize it online. ManyEyes is a great example. Create your own or explore the numerous visualizations created by other users.

Graph generation itself can be done easily with any opensource library. Most of them provide simple ways to specify the data list. I provided an example of a javascript barGraph – This could be relevant to: s90641, Determine the trend for time series data, level 3,1S, credits 3, Internal

Stats R statsR. You can write and save scripts that will automatically generate graphs for data. I had used it a few years ago to rapidly generate distribution graphs for a urvey on webCT use in my department. The survey itself had been prepared and run by students.

Orange Widgets Open source data visualization and analysis for novice and experts. Data mining through visual programming.

Prefuse Library (Actionscript) Prefuse Visualization Gallery

Information Graphic

Make Your Own Infographic

Web Resources

Design Tips

Designing Quality Infographics: Tips, Resources and Inspiration

Visualization in Education, Tips

Rethinking Data Visualization: From Dynamic Illustration to Analytic Narrative by Ruben R. Puentedura, author of numerous articles on how to integrate technology and education.

Mapping Science, meant to inspire cross-disciplinary discussion on how to best track and communicate human activity and scientific progress on a global scale. Provides a gallery of infographics on scientific data.

BBC - KS1 Bitesize Games - Numeracy - Data handling interactive

BBC - KS2 Bitesize: Maths - Interpreting data - activity

Statistics Canada
  • Statistics: Power from Data! - published primarily for secondary students of Mathematics and Information Studies, although it is expected that the product will find a wider use among other students, teachers and the general population.

Visualization outside Education